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Who Is Haitham?

Haitham Idris

Haitham Idris
Driving instructor

Hi everyone my name is Haitham – pleased to meet you! I’m very proud to be your driving instructor. In my early years, I used to work on oil and gas rigs. That’s an industry where more time is spent on the safety aspect of the job compared to actually doing the job. This is because if the safety isn’t there – it’s game over. This is the same attitude I carry with me when I teach people to drive.

As a Department of Transport Certified Driving Instructor, I have to sit rigorous driving tests every three years, which normally takes 2 hours. The first hour I get tested just like how my students would get tested. During the second hour I get graded on my teaching skills. Provided I pass both sections at the end of the test I am awarded an instructors licence which allows me to work for the next three years.

I prefer to drive according to test standards on a daily basis – even if it’s a trip down to the local shops or to a friends place, which drives my wife crazy. I only do it for one reason, and that’s when conducting a mock test with my students, all I have to do is ask myself “Do they drive like me?”. This allows me to instantly see what they’re not doing, and makes marking much easier.

When not working you can find me either riding around town on my motorcycle or fishing, except in winter, when I indulge in some reading and being a complete bookworm.

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We are proud to say that our excellence record speaks for itself. This is all thanks to our training strategy. We encourage our students to match every hour they do with our instructors with two hours of supervised driving with family and friends. This gives them a chance to really put everything they learned into practice.

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210+ Student have

Our Teachings

When it comes to teaching styles, it’s fair to say that each instructor will teach differently. The way we teach focuses more on the “why” things get done a certain way as opposed to just teaching them the how. We find such an approach encourages learner drivers to implement good safety habits easily and quickly.

Our Mission

We like to keep our mission very simple. It is to help people get the driver’s license as soon as possible. This mission is the very reason we keep getting work over, and over, and over again.

Our Values

If we were to sum up value in one word it would be “safety”. It’s at the core of what we do. We actually take it one step further, and get in touch with our students 6 months after they get their Ps. This is a transition period from red to green Ps, so we like to follow up and see what challenges they faced along the way. This provides us with the best feedback we could ever ask for.

Areas we<br />

Areas we

We focus on Perth CBD, to areas South of the River. If you aren’t within these areas and would still like to book a lesson, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.
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