Our curriculum

Adapting to Traffic Flow

When it comes to getting ready to pass your driving test, the examiner wants to know if you fit in with other cars on the road. This is the very reason why no L-plates are allowed in the driving assessment. This means to the average driver out there, the candidate is a professional driver.


The candidate is expected to be competent in the following:

  • General driving and awareness of surroundings at all times
  • Parking manoeuvres such as parallel reverse and forward parking
  • 3 point turns done safely and legally


One of the indicators I personally use to tell if someone is ready for their driving test is being able to multitask. For example, can they carry a decent conversation? Can they switch radio channels with one hand and still pay attention to the road? Candidates are tested on navigating a sudden change in direction and seeing if they can adapt and change on the fly.


I help my students increase their road awareness, to adapt to what is happening in the environment around them, and to have the ability to control the position and speed of their vehicle.

Becoming a Smart, Confident Driver

By implementing our curriculum, I have helped several students become smart, aware and alert P platers who drive like cops ……. well almost.

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